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School Counselor Survival Kit

I am excited to introduce the  School Counselor Survival Kit ! These items will help you start your career as a school counselor, whether you are a school counseling intern and have to schlep your stuff around a school or a new school counselor trying to fill an office.  The School Counselor Survival Kit will get you started on your journey. Cart on Wheels - a cart on wheels such as the Rubbermaid Collapsible Cargo Crate can make getting from place to place a breeze. I highly recommend this, especially for internships! I still use mine all the time to lug my stuff in and out of school. I wrote a previous post about the collapsible cargo cart. Art supplies - You don't need to have a ton of art supplies, but I do recommend you have the basics, including crayons , colored pencils , markers , paper ( lined , unlined , and construction paper ).  I recommend Crayola brand , especially the twistable crayons and colored pencils . You don't need a sharpener, you just tw