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✨ School Counselor Tech Tip: Add Emojis to Email Subject Lines ✨

Adding emojis to emails is an easy way to add fun and interest to your emails. Check out the tips below to learn how to maximize adding emojis to email subject lines. ✨Add Flair and Pique Interest ✨ Make your emails stand out from the rest by including emojis in the subject line. Use emojis related to the email content to add flair and pique the recipient's interest.  When I am hosting an event or I want students to notice my email, I add emojis to the email subject line. This is an easy and fun way to draw attention to your email.' Below are some examples of emails I have sent to students with emojis in the subject line. Sometimes I compose emails on my phone so I can easily search for the emoji I want to use. I added this sunrise emoji to the beginning of my email subject line in an email I sent to students for our Rise & Shine organizational skills group. In this email, I added a paint pallet and a laptop for to the sub

School Counselor Tech Tip: Require "Make a Copy" on Shared Google Drive Files

This simple Googled Drive tip can make sharing copies of a file a seamless process for the sender and the recipient. ✨ Share Seamlessly ✨ Make sharing a copy of a Google Drive file a seamless process. Require the recipient to make a copy of the file in one simple step. By altering the URL of a shared Google Drive file you can require the recipient to make a copy of the file.  Delete the word "edit"and the remaining text. Replace it with copy. I made a short video explaining how to change the URL to require recipients to "Make a Copy." You can view it below or scroll down for some images to walk you through how to do it. Below are images to walk you through how to alter the URL. Get the sharable link from Google. Copy the link. Delete the text after the / before the word "edit." Type the word "copy."   Share the altered URL with your recipient.  This is the screen

💻 3 Tech Tools Webinar Now Available on ASCA Website

Andrea Burston ( @jyjcounselor ) and I presented  Three Tech Tools to Enhance Your School Counseling Program , for the ASCA Webinar Series. The webinar recording is now available on ASCA's website. View the recording here: . All webinars in the 2021 ASCA Webinar Series are FREE, if you are an ASCA member. A peek behind the scenes.  💻✨ It was so fun to share ways school counselors can use Canva for Education , Smore , and Screencastify to connect with stakeholders. We share lots of examples of how you can use these tech tools in your school counseling program.  Need presenters? Andrea and I love sharing practical tech tools and resources school counselors can use in their school counseling programs. We would love to present to your district, local, or state school counselor organization! Email me to book us for your event! If you have questions, email me or Direct Message me on  Instagram  or  Twitter .   Upcoming Events: Andrea and I host a mo

School Counselor Tech Tip: Create QR Codes

Did you know you can create your own QR codes? QR Code stands for Quick Response Code. QR codes are scannable barcode-like images. When scanned with a smart device camera (phone, iPad, Chromebook, Fire, etc.) the user can access a link or URL. You can use websites like QR code generator to create your own QR codes. Copy and paste the link into the generator to download a QR code image.  Check out the post below for tips to create and use QR codes! ✨ Goodbye Complicated URLs ✨ Stakeholders can easily access a URL by scanning a QR Code with their smart device. They get access to the site without typing a complicated URL. Even shortened URLs  can sometimes be clunky to copy or type. School website addresses can be also be cumbersome. A scannable QR code can direct your stakeholders to the exact URL. ✨ Easily Share Responses ✨ Create QR codes to make Google Forms scannable. The user can scan the QR code with their smart device camera and will be directed