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Happy Thanksgiving from School Counselor Blog

I am so thankful to be able to connect and share everyday with so many amazing school counselors all over the country (and the world)! You all are amazing! I have done a lot of traveling and presenting in recent months. Although I love connecting online, it has been super cool to connect and share with school counselors in person !  I have been super busy lately with working as a middle school counselor, taking classes for my PhD program, presenting, supervising, traveling, and just life in general. I am so looking forward to some time to rest and relax with family and friends!  How are you spending your Thanksgiving holiday? Comment below,  tweet ,  contact Danielle , or share on the  School Counselor Blog Facebook Page ! Danielle is a K-12 Certified School Counselor, Nationally Certified Counselor, and blogger at  School Counselor Blog , a place where school counselors share innovative ideas,  creative lesson plans,  and quality resources. Connect with Danielle

Backpack Organization Game: School Counselor Spotlight

Jen, a school counseling intern who graduates in December, gave an organizational skills lesson a creative and interactive spin!  Jen wrote: I was running an organizational and study skills group for 7th and 8th grade students during my field experience at a middle school. In this group, each session focused on a different area of organization and studying. In the session where we focused on organizing backpacks and binders, we played a game where students had to race to find a paper in a backpack. I got this idea from the book Creative Approaches for Counseling Individual Children in the School Setting by Diane S. Senn. However, I decided to make it into a racing game between two students to make the activity more interactive and fun. I asked the group for two volunteers to play a game, and then asked the volunteers to each choose a backpack. I explained that they would be racing to look through their backpack to find a piece of paper with an “X” marked on it. Before the

November #SCCHAT Transcript: Creating and Implementing Lesson Plans

Our November #SCCHAT was held on November 5, 2013.  The topic of the chat this month was   Creating and Implementing Lesson Plans  moderated by Chris Wood ( @ChrisWood415 ) a tech savvy school counselor from Iowa. School counselors shared great resources related to creating and implementing lesson plans as well as aligning lessons with local, state, and national standards. You can view the transcript below or   read the full transcript here . For more information about #SCCHAT and transcripts from previous chats visit: . [ View the story "November #SCCHAT: Creating & Implementing Lesson Plans" on Storify ] #SCCHAT occurs on the first Tuesday of the month unless otherwise specified. To add the #SCCHAT schedule to your calendar  click here . Join us for the December #SCCHAT on December 3, 2013 at 8pmEST! The topic is to be determined . Join  School Counselor Blog  and  SCOPE  for #scchat the first Tuesday of the month @ 8pmEST!  For