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I Have Some BIG News... Hint: I Can't Wait to Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!

Julia V. Taylor  and Dr. Russ Sabella  asked me to present School Counselor Blog  during their session "Using the Internet to Perk Up Your School Counseling Program" at the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) Conference in Seattle, WA!!!  The session is part of the Pre-Conference program on June 25th. Julia V. Taylor  is a school counselor, author, and speaker. She wrote  Girls in Real Life Situations (G.I.R.L.S,) Grades 6-12 , G.I.R.L.S.: Grades K-5 , Perfectly You , and  Salvaging Sisterhood .  Dr. Russ Sabella  is a Professor of Counseling, creator of  and  Guarding Kids . Both individuals are my school counseling idols and it feels surreal I will be presenting with them! I have never been to an ASCA Conference before. I am attending the full conference.  I am excited to get re-energized, network, and be inspired by new ideas... I can't wait to share my journey with you all! Are you attending the American School Counseling Assoc

"Ideas are meaningless... It's all about execution."

There are many pieces of advice my dad has given me over the years. Many of these pieces of advice I have heard over and over again. I call them "dad-isms." I was reminded of a "dad-ism" today. Today I assisted in day-long filming for our school's Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) program video. Our school's PBIS team has been working for months creating scripts, learning songs, rehearsing, and to get ready for today. It was a lot of work, but seeing the students' level of enthusiasm during the taping and hearing the students singing the songs made every second of planning worth it. One of the teachers on the PBIS team stated that she was amazed that all of what we have accomplished resulted from of our conversations at the PBIS trainings we attended. Every aspect of our PBIS program we accomplished started out as an  idea . Through the various meetings we attended we came up with some great ideas ! We had an idea to reward student

"Knock Knock, Who's There? WE ARE!"

I was first introduced to this powerful spoken word poem by Daniel Beaty at a Children of Incarcerated Parents training. I have since shared this video in individual sessions and group sessions with children and adolescents who have experienced the incarceration of a loved one. Beaty's performance is candid and emotional. It doesn't matter how many times I have seen it, I still become tearful each time I watch it. I encourage you to watch it and share it with others!!! I have created a google document with the words to the poem: " Knock Knock ." "Knock Knock" serves as a powerful discussion starter for children who have experienced the incarceration of a loved one. Students often want to watch it over and over because it is so powerful. The line that seems to stick with children the most is "Although we are our fathers' sons and daugthers, we are not their choices."  Often children experience guilt, shame, and stigma for having a paren

School Counselor Gift Ideas from Baudville

I first found out about Baudville when I received an anonymous exclamation lapel pin  in my mailbox at the charter school where I worked.  I was so shocked and excited when I received it. It made me feel really good that someone noticed my hard work and was willing to offer me a token of appreciation! Baudville  has great products with messages that school counselors will love!  Baudville  is your one stop recognition shop! There are tons of different themed incentives and awards on  Baudville's Website . There are even sections with FREE materials which includes  e-cards ,  ebooks ,  print and posts , and much, much more. Baudville has a ton of different items. I picked some of my favorite items below. These items would make great gifts for supervisors, interns, new school counselors, and colleagues!   Lapel Pins Celebration Gift Sets Totes Travel Mugs Note Cube Sets The items above are just some of the items that Baudville offers! Visit Baudville's