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Start With Hello Week Daily Activity Ideas 2021

Start with Hello Week is a national campaign with the goal of teaching empathy and empowering students to end social isolation by following three steps:  🟢 SEE Someone Alone 🟢 REACH OUT and Help 🟢 START with Hello Start with Hello Week is typically promoted during September, but you could pick a week in October too! It doesn't matter when you host it! The activities below could be done anytime during the school year. My goal is to provide you with information and ideas so you can host a Start with Hello Week at your school.  Below is what I'm planning to do for Start with Hello Week this year. We are participating in Start with Hello Week from September 27th - October 1st.  During Start with Hello Week we will engage in activities, challenges, and opportunities that encourage everyone to build a welcoming and inclusive school culture.  Monday, September 27th: Make Someone Smile Monday! Be a rainbow in someone’s cloud! Go out of your way to make someone smile today! One kind

We Are So Glad You Are Here Bulletin Board

✨ WE ARE SO GLAD YOU ARE HERE! ✨ This is such a simple message, but so important for students to see and hear. I was going for a minimalist look with this bulletin board but I still felt that it needed some color. I layered a black and white border and a rainbow stripe border from School Girl Style to make it pop! I created a folder with different versions of the bulletin board letters here . For my bulletin board I printed the letters full size, flipped horizontally, on black card stock .  In the folder I include half-size and full size letters. I also have a regular and flipped horizontally version of each. Click the image below to access the PDF versions of the letters .  By special request I also made a version that says "I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE HERE!" I love creating bulletin boards. Here is a link to all my favorite bulletin board supplies .  I love connecting with other school counselors! Connect with me on  Instag

✨ Five School Counseling Favorites ✨

The following items are some of my tried and true school counseling items. They are my go-to items for sessions with students.  All items are linked in my Amazon Store  and in the post below. ✨ Uno Emoji 😍 I love using Uno as a game to play with students. The Emoji edition is so fun. You can incorporate questions about the different emojis and ask students things like: Oh look at this emoji (😬). What feeling do you think this emoji represents? OR Describe a time when you felt like this emoji (😫). ✨ Wonder Tubes ✨ I've used Wonder Tubes with students since my grad school days. I bought these ones over 12 years ago! 😳 Wonder Tubes are a great fidget. They can also be calming to students when they watch the glitter float from one end to the other.  ✨ Rory's Story Cubes ✨ Story Cubes are a lot of fun! There are so many ways you can play Story Cubes. Students can create a story on their own by rolling the cubes. You