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We Are So Glad You Are Here Bulletin Board

✨ WE ARE SO GLAD YOU ARE HERE! ✨ This is such a simple message, but so important for students to see and hear. I was going for a minimalist look with this bulletin board but I still felt that it needed some color. I layered a black and white border and a rainbow stripe border from School Girl Style to make it pop! I created a folder with different versions of the bulletin board letters here . For my bulletin board I printed the letters full size, flipped horizontally, on black card stock .  In the folder I include half-size and full size letters. I also have a regular and flipped horizontally version of each. Click the image below to access the PDF versions of the letters .  Buy special request I also made a version that says "I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE HERE!" I love creating bulletin boards. Here is a link to all my favorite bulletin board supplies .  I love connecting with other school counselors! Connect with me on  Insta

✨ Five School Counseling Favorites ✨

The following items are some of my tried and true school counseling items. They are my go-to items for sessions with students.  All items are linked in my Amazon Store  and in the post below. ✨ Uno Emoji 😍 I love using Uno as a game to play with students. The Emoji edition is so fun. You can incorporate questions about the different emojis and ask students things like: Oh look at this emoji (😬). What feeling do you think this emoji represents? OR Describe a time when you felt like this emoji (😫). ✨ Wonder Tubes ✨ I've used Wonder Tubes with students since my grad school days. I bought these ones over 12 years ago! 😳 Wonder Tubes are a great fidget. They can also be calming to students when they watch the glitter float from one end to the other.  ✨ Rory's Story Cubes ✨ Story Cubes are a lot of fun! There are so many ways you can play Story Cubes. Students can create a story on their own by rolling the cubes. You