✨ Five School Counseling Favorites ✨

The following items are some of my tried and true school counseling items. They are my go-to items for sessions with students. 

All items are linked in my Amazon Store and in the post below.

Uno Emoji 😍
I love using Uno as a game to play with students. The Emoji edition is so fun. You can incorporate questions about the different emojis and ask students things like: Oh look at this emoji (😬). What feeling do you think this emoji represents? OR Describe a time when you felt like this emoji (😫).

Wonder Tubes
I've used Wonder Tubes with students since my grad school days. I bought these ones over 12 years ago! 😳 Wonder Tubes are a great fidget. They can also be calming to students when they watch the glitter float from one end to the other. 

Story Cubes are a lot of fun! There are so many ways you can play Story Cubes. Students can create a story on their own by rolling the cubes. You can also go back and forth and add to the story together. This is a great way to look for themes and help students identify problems and solutions.

Bright Spots
Bright Spots cards are therapeutic sentence completion activity. Sometimes I use them alone and sometimes as part of another game, like Uno. I do this by saying, if someone lays down a wild card the other person has to pick up a Bright Spot card. I always let students skip a card if they don't want to answer. Examples of sentence starters are: "I'm different because..."
"Kids in my school..."
 "The best gift I received was..."

Switch Pitch
This ball is so fun! One side is blue and one side is yellow. When you toss it and catch it, sometimes it switches to the other color. Students like to try to get it to stay the same color when they throw it or try to get it to change to the opposite color. It is another fun item to play with that students get excited to

These items facilitate conversation and help build relationships with students. I recently put all of these items in a basket so I could give students options of things they would like to do in my office. 

What are your go-to school counseling items?

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