"The Colors of US" Revisited

One of my favorite lessons I have ever facilitated was a tolerance and diversity lesson using the book The Colors of Us by Karen Katz.  I read The Colors of Us to a first grade class. I then had the students trace their hands and mix crayon colors to find their own beautiful color.

I told the art teacher at my current school about the lesson. We came up with a way to collaborate and teach first graders an important lesson about diversity and tolerance.

The art teacher read The Colors of Us to both of the first grade classes. After reading the book, she gave students the opportunity to use paint to find their own unique and beautiful color. The art teacher showed the students how
they would mix the colors together to find a color that matched their skin color.

Each table was given four colors: orange, white, brown, and dark brown. She demonstrated that she would need white, orange, and a little bit of brown to make a color that matched her skin color. Once the students went back to their tables, they did an amazing job of finding a color that matched their skin color. They were instructed to paint a whole sheet of construction paper their color.

I will post about the extension lesson soon!

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  1. I just saw this lesson on Pinterest and have been doing it with 1st graders for years! They LOVE it-- especially since I work in a school with about zero "diversity"--so making their unique skin color is very fun. Crayola actually makes multicultural skin tone paints that work really well to blend. Thanks for sharing!

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