Study Tips for the School Guidance and Counseling Praxis

I took the School Guidance and Counseling Praxis in January of 2009. The School Guidance and Counseling Praxis is a two-hour exam that consists of four content areas: Counseling and Guidance, Consulting, Coordinating, and Professional Issues. The exam questions are all multiple-choice. Approximately one-third of the exam is a listening exercise involving counselor and client interactions.

To begin preparation for the School Guidance and Counseling Praxis, I recommend checking out the School Guidance and Counseling Praxis section on the ETS website. There are free test preparation materials including test at a glance material.

There are many resources available you can purchase to study for the School Guidance and Counseling Praxis. There is a School Guidance and Counseling Praxis Study Guide eBook available for purchase through ETS that my colleagues and I found to be helpful. Their are many advantages of purchasing the School Guidance and Counseling Praxis Study Guide eBook. The main advantage of the School Guidance and Counseling Praxis Study Guide eBook is that it was developed by the company that created the test, which is an advantage because the questions and audio portions are representative of actual exam. Once you purchase the School Guidance and Counseling Praxis Study Guide eBook you can download it immediately, which means you can start using it immediately instead of waiting for delivery. It is important to note that the eBook requires Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7 and Windows Media Player. If using a Mac, the eBook requires Parallels Desktop for Mac or a PC emulator, such as VirtualPC.  (This was a disadvantage for me because I am a Mac user).

Another resource that I would highly recommend is the book Encyclopedia of Counseling by Howard Rosenthal. Although Encyclopedia of Counseling by Howard Rosenthal is not geared specifically to School Counselors, it has a wealth of information on counseling topics. Encyclopedia of Counseling by Howard Rosenthal is also a great investment for individuals planning on taking the National Counselor Examination (NCE).

School Guidance and Counseling Praxis score requirements for your state are available on ASCA's website.

What resources have you used to study for the School Guidance and Counseling Praxis?Comment below, email metweet, or share on the School Counselor Blog Facebook Page!

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  1. How did you end up using the ETS eBook on your mac? Did you study using the XAM book and if so was that close to the praxis questions?

  2. I used Virtual PC to access the program. It was very similar to the School Guidance and Counseling Praxis. The listening section was especially helpful.

  3. Hi there,
    I am about half way into a school counseling masters program. I am wondering if I should study for and sign up for the praxis soon rather than waiting a year until I am about to graduate. My thinking is that I want to know now what I need to know to pass, and this would give me time. Is that even allowed or does one need to be at a certain point in the program before taking the praxis?
    LOVE your website btw - have bookmarked it!

  4. Hello, I will be getting my undergrad in Psychology this semester and looking to take the School Guidance and Counseling Praxis this summer so I can start looking for a job in schools. I am a little confused on where to begin what book is the best to study from?

  5. Jessica,
    Thanks for your question about the Praxis. What state are you from? In most states you need to have a Master's Degree in Counseling in order to be a school counselor. You usually take the Praxis during your program. Here are some previous posts about graduate school for school counseling:

  6. Increase awareness of personal values, attitudes and beliefs; refer when personal characteristics hinder effectiveness.

  7. I am getting ready to take the Praxis II on July 21 and have purchased the ebook to study from. Did you look into great detail all of the areas it recommended knowing (Human Growth and Development, etc)? How much time would you recommend putting into preparing for the exam?

  8. I have the same question Daniellefeit, I am also taking it July 21 and wondered how much time and detail I needed to go into...????

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