Fun and Interactive Career Interest Inventories for Elementary Students

A reader asked me about career inventories for elementary students.

Q: Are you aware of any resources for career interest inventories for elementary students?

A: Absolutely! My favorite career interest inventory for elementary students is called Paws in JoblandPaws in Jobland is a free, web-based program created by Bridges Transitions, Inc.  I have used Paws in Jobland with 3rd and 4th grade students. Both groups of students really enjoyed using Paws in Jobland.

A little dog named "Paws" gives students a tour through "Jobland." Students can explore careers with "Paws" by completing the "Job Finder" career interest inventory, exploring "Jobland," or using the "ABC Search." Students can also take a "Quiz" about the jobs in "Jobland."

"Job Finder," a 26-question career interest inventory.  "Job Finder" highlights areas of "Jobland" that correspond with the student's results from the career interest inventory. Students can then click on areas to learn more about the career area. Each area shows students jobs that are related to the career area.  For example, the "Hospitality and Tourism" area profiles "athlete, cook, hotel housekeeper, travel agent," and others.

Paws in Jobland is a fun and interactive career interest inventory!

Check out the Paws in Jobland overview page for more information, including lesson plans for grades K-2, lesson plans for grades 3-5, and a promotional poster to advertise Paws in Jobland in your school.

I hope the students you work with enjoy Paws in Jobland as much as mine have!


Another great resource for career interest inventories is Virginia Career View.

In the K-5 Section of Virginia Career View there is an interactive game called Career Town! I used the Career Town game with some 5th grade students last year and they loved it. Career Town has three levels with different games to learn about jobs on each level. 

The Career Town has an educators guide for each "level' of the game. The educators guide has ideas of how you can utilize the game to meet standards and includes ideas for extension activities. 

What interactive career interest inventories do you use with students? 

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