Where's the School Counselor?

My days are spent running around the school, which makes it difficult when students, teachers, administrators, or other school staff are trying to find me.  I was trying to think of a creative way to let everyone know where I am, when I saw a template for a mood dial in Family Fun Magazine. Sometimes I get ideas from unexpected places! I was inspired to craft a dial of my own - a Where's the Counselor? dial!

To make the Where's the Counselor? dial I followed the directions for the mood dial in Family Fun Magazine. I used Diecuts With A View 8 by 8 Grade School Stack, school themed patterned scrabook paper, to make my backgrounds. I used Diecuts With A View 8 Inch by 8 Inch Textured Jewels Cardstock Stack, matching scrapbook cardstock for the circles and the dial. For the wording above the dial, I printed out words on computer paper and glued them to the same Diecuts With A View 8 Inch by 8 Inch Textured Jewels Cardstock Stack paper as the circles and the dial.  To affix the dial I used a paper fastener.

This project was simple to make. It is a fun and colorful way to let students, teachers, administrators, and other school staff know where I am. I now have my Where's the Counselor? dial hanging outside my door. I used removable foam mounting squares to mount it on the tile wall.

Share your creative ideas! Are there any books or magazines that gave you an unexpected idea? Comment below, email me, tweet, or share on the School Counselor Blog Facebook Page!

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