"I Have Always Known That at Last I Would Take This Road..."

There is a beautiful plaque in the ground by the Public Market in Seattle, WA that says:

"I have always known
that at last I would take this road.
But yesterday I did not know
it would be today." - Narithtra

The quote speaks to me about having a vision or a feeling of purpose in life.

You may not always know exactly where the path may lead you, but when you are there you have a feeling as if it is meant to be.

My journey of becoming a school counselor started when a school counselor visited my introduction to helping services graduate school class as a speaker. Everything he shared about his job directly aligned with my passions. I wanted to be an advocate and support for students, but I also wanted to be a part systematic change.  Being a school counselor was my purpose all along...

Seeing this plaque in the ground completed my ASCA Conference experience. It serves as a reminder of the sense of purpose I feel as a school counselor.

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