School Counseling Office Space 2010-2011

I am sooooooo excited to share my 2010-2011 school counseling office space with you!

I love my current school counseling office space! I am very fortunate to have a large enough space to host groups and sometimes even classroom lessons (I cram them all in!).

Throughout the tour click on the links for additional information! Visit the School Counselor Blog Amazon Store for my favorite products and resources featured in the tour!

Click on "More" to view the tour full screen!

What was your favorite part of the tour? What products or resources do you recommend for school counselors' office space? Comment below, tweet, or contact Danielle, share on the School Counselor Blog Facebook Page!

I did not always have an office this large. You can check out previous office spaces and even take a tour of my 2009-2010 office.

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