#ASCA12 Web 2.0 and Technology Smackdown: Get Your Geek On!

I had the pleasure of presenting Web 2.0 Technology Smackdown with a panel of tech savvy school counselors Julia V. TaylorDr. Erin MasonAndrea Burston, and Dr. Russ Sabella on June 25th at the American School Counselor Association Conference! 

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun it was to get my geek on with such an amazing group of people for a standing room only audience! 

For our presentation we each shared some of our favorite technology tools we use as professional school counselors. We each had three minutes to share about the a tool and then we rotated to the next person.  We even involved the audience! Volunteers from the audience were able to come up and share their favorite tools with everyone! It was a blast! 

Our presentation was fast and furious, but I was able to share three of my favorite tech tools: 
  • Blogger - A FREE and easy to use blog publishing service (I use blogger to manage School Counselor Blog!)
  • Google Forms - A FREE way to create, share, and embed surveys into websites.
  • Dropbox - A FREE file storage and sharing site.
I learned about so many new tech tools from my fellow presenters and the audience members!  

Some of the tech tools my fellow presenters shared that I am most excited to check out are:
It is easy to become overwhelmed by the wealth of technology resources that exist. However, if you chose just one new tool you would like to explore and learn more about, it can be less overwhelming and FUN! 

Google is a great resource to find tutorials on just about any tech tool! So... explore, play around, and think of ways you can use technology to enhance your school counseling program and support student success!

I am so excited to share even more resources and information from the 2012 American School Counselor Association National Conference with you! 

You can download the handout for the Web 2.0 Technology Smackdown presentation by clicking on the highlighted text.

What tech tools do you use in your work as a school counselor? What tech tools would you like to know more about?

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