M&Ms (Magnificent and Marvelous) School Counselor Printable

During National School Counseling Week I wanted to give a fun little treat to my school counseling internship supervision group.  I had been thinking of things for weeks but was having a very hard time coming up with anything that met all of my criteria: cute, colorful, inexpensive, and able to be easily recreated (I was thinking of you all on this one!!!).

While checking out my Instagram feed at the beginning National School Counseling Week I found my inspiration! Someone made a M&Ms (Magnificent and Marvelous) sign for staff with a bowl of fun-sized M&Ms  I thought this was a a super cute idea that I could easily adapt for my group. I rushed to the grocery store to pick up fun-sized M&Ms so I could get to work making a printable!

In this post I provide printable versions of the M&M message for NSCW and other times throughout the year!

I used Microsoft PowerPoint to create my printable. I created a new slideshow and wrote the message:

Happy National School Counseling Week to a 
Magnificent and Marvelous
 Future School Counselor!

For the message I used a free font called Love Ya Like A Sister. I made the message more colorful by alternating a color pattern for the letters in Magnificent and Marvelous. 

After making the slide in PowerPoint, I duplicated it so there were six slides. I made the print layout of the document six slides to one sheet. I then printed the message on white cardstock. Using six slides to a sheet a great fit for my fun-sized M&Ms.   

I used red cardstock to create a border. I gluded the message on to the red cardstock with Scotch glue dots. I then used Scotch glue dots again to affix the fun-sized M&Ms to the back of the card.

This was a simple, fun, easy, and sweet treat to make for my school counseling internship supervision group. They were excited to be recognized during National School Counseling Week... and sure the chocolate didn't hurt either!

I thought this would be a great thing for you to recreate for interns or students who will be future school counselors.  I also thought it would be fun to make one for school counselors in general that you could give to a school counselor colleague or school counselor supervisor to brighten their day.  You could of course attach this printable to a larger bag of M&Ms too! :) Click on the images below for a printable of your choosing!

What other times of the year could you give a sweet M&M treat to a Magnificent and Marvelous school counselor you know?

As a side note, I have been using PowerPoint to create all kinds of images containing words lately. It is a lot easier to navigate and move things around than in a word document.

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