Who's on Your Boat? - School Librarian

I have had the concept in my head for a long time about how school counseling is a lot like navigating a boat. Bringing school staff and other key people "on board" can lead to smooth sailing for you and your school counseling program.

I have so much to say on this topic that I decided to make it a series of posts.  I talked about the school counselor/boat concept with +Andrea Burston in the live Google Hangout we did recorded for School Counseling on Air.

In each post of the Who's on Your Boat? series I will focus on one person or group of people to get "on board" and how they can be beneficial to your role as a school counselor and your school counseling program.

School Librarian and/or Media Specialist
During my field II placement in January of 2009, I was emergency certified and hired as a long term-substitute school counselor. I served as a K-3 school counselor for 500+ students. It was such a rewarding experience and I learned so much from jumping and addressing the needs of the students I served.

One of the school staff members that I had the pleasure of working with closely was the school librarian. In addition to being someone with a wealth of information, I discovered that the school librarian was interested in doing a career unit. This happened to align with my goal of introducing third grade students to the "Paws in Jobland" program. We decided to work together to meet both of our goals by co-teaching lessons about careers to third grade. This partnership was also a win-win for students.

Working closely with your school librarian or media specialist can be a huge benefit to you and your school counseling program.

School librarians can:
  • offer recommendations of books to use for bibliotherapy and classroom lessons (The ASCA School Counselor magazine focuses on bibilocounseling this month! I highly recommend checking it out!)
  • suggest books that are appropriate for students' reading level
  • inform you of new resources that become available
  • serve as a co-leader for book groups or book clubs related to school counseling topics
  • be an advocate for getting books and materials on topics related to issues students face such as anxiety, conflict resolution, bullying, divorce, friendship, self-esteem, etc.
  • co-teach lessons or units that align with ASCA standards
  • and much more!

Working closely with your school librarian or media specialist can also help you to benefit from all your school library or media center has to offer. 

How do you work with your school librarian or media specialist at your school?

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You can also check out my live Google Hangout where I discuss the school counselor/boat concept with +Andrea Burston.
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