Highlights of the 2013 ASCA Conference - Technology Smackdown! (July 1, 2013)

I am still in the process of recovering from all of the excitement of the 2013 ASCA Conference in Philadelphia, PA. I decided to write a series of posts because I really can't cram everything I want to say into one post! I will give you the highlights of each day I attended the conference, even though the whole conference was amazing!

July 1, 2013 - ASCA Conference Day 2

Before I share about the Tech Smackdown, I must say that I fell in LOVE with the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia! I have been to the Reading Terminal Market in Philly before, but being at the conference for multiple days allowed me to really enjoy it and all of its splendor! It was so cool to have so many unique and varied food options available all in one place. And now, I must share my breakfast from day 2 with you because it was AMAZING!

Strawberry-Banana-Nutella Crepe from Profi's Creperie at Reading Terminal Market

Ok... enough about crepes... now on to the rest of the day! ;) 

Who's ready for a Tech Smackdown?!

By now you are probably aware that I LOVE technology. I especially love sharing technology, tips, tricks, and ideas with school counselors!

This the second year that I had the pleasure of presenting the Technology Smackdown at the ASCA National Conference with +Andrea Burston+Erin Mason+Julia Taylor, and +Russell Sabella!

L to R: 
Me, Andrea Burston, Dr. Russ Sabella, Julia Taylor, & Dr. Erin Mason

Even though I am a presenter during the Tech Smackdown, I always learn about so many new tech tools from my fellow smackdowners and folks from the audience!

I made Tweet Seat signs for people who wanted to live-tweet the #techsmackdown!

Here is a picture of the Tweet Seat sign that tech savvy school counselor, Megan Kelly (@Megan_M_Kelly), shared via Twitter.

This year I presented a few of my favorite new tech tools and how they could be utilized as a school counselor. I shared Tagboard, Vine, Feedly, and Smore. Stay tuned for future posts where I will outline in detail the tools that I shared during the Tech Smackdown!

One of the tech tools I shared was Vine, a free app for Apple and Android products that allows you to create a 6 second video.  I actually created a Vine video during the session of attendees saying "Tech Smackdown" and waving! You can view it here or below!

+Andrea Burston and I also created a Vine video to invite people to our blogger Meet & Greet during the conference. There are so many ways you could use Vine and the new Instagram video with students and for your school counseling program!

Some ways you could use Vine in your school:
  • have students make anti-bullying videos
  • have students create their own public service announcements
  • advertise the services you offer as a school counselor
  • give a brief tour of your office
  • and much much more! 
How would you use a short 6 second or 15 second video in your work as a school counselor?

After the #techsmackdown session was over it was so much fun to read Twitter feedback from the session attendees. People loved the session and the ideas we shared!

One of my personal favorite tweets came  from Keith McMillin (@McMillinMEd).

In this pic I am sharing how to make a Smore flyer! 

For a link to tons of great tech tools you can utilize as a school counselor, visit the Technology Smackdown Google Document!

After the Tech Smackdown session it was time for dinner! Our session was three hours long, I was ready for some down time! I went to dinner at a El Vez with Andrea, her friend Gina, my friend Courtney, and +Rebecca Lallier from School Counseling by Heart!

From L to R: 
Gina, Rebecca, Me, Courtney, and Andrea

We had an awesome time and the food was excellent! I highly recommend El Vez  if you are ever in the downtown Philadelphia area!

ASCA Day 2 was filled with technology and fun! I can't wait to share more of my ASCA 2013 Conference experience with you!

What are your favorite highlights of the ASCA Conference this year? Are you planning to attend the 2014 ASCA Conference in Orlando, FL?

Comment below, tweetcontact Danielle, or share on the School Counselor Blog Facebook Page!

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If you were not able to attend the ASCA Conference this year you can still access all the handouts and materials from the presenters on the 2013 ASCA Conference App.

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