Highlights of the 2013 ASCA Conference - School Counselor Blogger Meet and Greet

I am still in the process of recovering from all of the excitement of the 2013 ASCA Conference in Philadelphia, PA. I decided to write a series of posts because I really can't cram everything I want to say into one post! I will give you the highlights of each day I attended the conference, even though the whole conference was amazing!

July 2, 2013 - ASCA Conference Day 3

Philly LOVE 

On day three, after having crepes for the second day in a row (I spared you the picture!), I did some sightseeing!


L to R: Gina, Andrea, Me and Courtney

Andrea and Me

Rocky steps!

Philadelphia Museum of Art

After our much needed mental break, Andrea and I planned for the Blogger Meet and Greet and attended more sessions. 

School Counselor Blogger Meet and Greet

On Wednesday night Andrea and I hosted the first ever School Counselor Blogger Meet and Greet. It was so much fun to meet and connect with other school counselor bloggers and blog readers.

Andrea made super cool QR code cards for people who came to the Meet and Greet. Once scanned, the cards revealed a message stating whether or not you won a prize! We gave away lots of cool stuff. Below are pictures of winners with their loot!

All of the items (except the red shirts) are available in the School Counselor Blog Store!

We had a lot of fun chatting with each other and despite our exhaustion from the day, we stayed way past 9 o'clock when the Meet and Greet was officially supposed to be over! 

L to R: 

I am so glad we remembered to get a picture of all the school counselor bloggers in attendance!

School Counselor Bloggers!!!
R to L:
Darrell Sampson - From the Counselor's Office
Jeff Ream - The Counseling Geek
Rebecca Lallier - School Counseling by Heart
Andrea Burston - JYJ Counselor
Danielle Schultz - School Counselor Blog

Andrea and I hope to have an even bigger and better Meet and Greet next year. We are so excited to learn about new blogs popping up by school counselors who were inspired by reading our blogs or attending our Get Your Blog On session! 

What are your favorite highlights of the ASCA Conference this year? Are you planning to attend the 2014 ASCA Conference in Orlando, FL?

Comment below, tweetcontact Danielle, or share on the School Counselor Blog Facebook Page!

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If you were not able to attend the ASCA Conference this year you can still access all the handouts and materials from the presenters on the 2013 ASCA Conference App.

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