Promoting Higher Education Opportunities to Students

Awhile back I wrote a post about requesting college swag and what to do with it.  This year one of my goals is to expose my students to higher education opportunities in the Pittsburgh, PA region.  Over the summer, I sent out emails to admissions offices at local colleges and universities in my county and surrounding counties requesting pennants to display in the school counseling area at my school. In the emails I explained how I would be using the pennants at my school. A few weeks ago I started receiving the pennants! I couldn't be more excited about the response I received so far!

Today I hung up the my "All Students College & Career Ready!" banner and the pennants I received so far. I am hoping to represent all of the colleges and universities in the Pittsburgh area and then expand my efforts to elsewhere in PA and beyond! 

Below I included the exact message I sent to Duquesne University, where I am pursuing my doctoral degree.  I thought this might be helpful to others who are wondering what to write when requesting materials from colleges and universities.

Dear Duquesne University Office of Admissions,

My name is Danielle Schultz and I am a school counselor at SCHOOL NAME. My goal this year is to increase efforts to expose middle school students to college and career information, especially to higher education opportunities in our region. I would greatly appreciate if you could send me a Duquesne University pennant to display in the school counseling area at SCHOOL NAME. If you would like to send any other promotional materials, please do!

Thank you for your support in exposing middle school students at SCHOOL NAME to higher education available in our region!

As a side note, I am currently in the Counselor Education and Supervision Doctoral Program at Duquesne, so I am especially excited to promote Duquesne University to my students. 


Danielle R. Schultz, LPC
School Counselor, A-L

I added an additional personal touch to the Duquesne message because I thought it would be helpful for them to know that I am a student there too!

Have you requested pennants or other college/university promotional materials? Share your tips with us!

How do you promote higher education opportunities to students? Share your ideas and resources below!

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