A Fun, Food-Filled Way of Announcing Your Pregnancy at Work

The cat's out of the bag.... I'm pregnant! I am super excited to welcome Baby Schultz at the end of July! Life has been pretty crazy between working on a dissertation and planning for baby!

Awhile back I announced my pregnancy at work. I thought I would share this idea with you all in case anyone is looking for a fun, food-filled way of announcing your pregnancy at work.

I solicited my school counselor friend, Natasha, for cute work pregnancy announcement ideas.  She shared that someone she worked with brought in donuts and wrote the message "Eat up! My mommy doesn't want to be the only one with a belly! Love, Baby ______" on the lid. That was exactly the kind of idea I was looking for and involving food was a plus. What educator doesn't love free food?!

I brought Dunkin Donuts and munchkins to work and put a sign inside the lid.

Not a fan of donuts? You could use other types of sweets or snacks too! I brought the brownies below for my district counseling meeting. 

To make the sign:

I made the "Eat up!" sign using Google Presentation and printed it out. To make your own "Eat up!" sign click on the link.  To modify the last name, go to File, then Make a Copy. You will then be able to edit the document. I used black and white washi tape (similar) to affix the signs to the boxes.

I am still trying to think of some ways to reveal Baby Schultz's gender at work so if you got any fun ideas let me know!

How did you announce your pregnancy at work? Any ideas for guys announcing a baby on the way? How did you reveal your baby's gender at work?

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