Last-Minute, Curbside Gift Idea

I have a confession. I love packaging, wrapping, and giving gifts. Really I love everything that goes along with the gift-giving process. I especially love a good theme.

This year it has been a little more difficult to purchase gifts since I have been primarily relying on things I can pick up curbside or get shipped. 

For my daughter's therapists, I decided to keep it simple with a candle and a gift card. I bought candles via Target drive up and Starbucks gift cards in the drive-thru. 

I put the candles in cellophane bags, tied them with ribbon, and clipped the gift card and tag to the candle with a clothespin. 

I like to save ribbon and other accents throughout the year to add some flair to gifts. Tinsel also makes a great gift accent year-round! (I learned these awesome tips from following Amy Lou Hawthorne on Instagram. She owns a shop, The Ever Co.)

A few years ago I purchased these cute printable gift tags from The Ever Co. and I have been using them every year since. They are perfect for teachers, school counselors, therapists, and anyone who works in a school. There are a few that I even put on family members gifts. Bonus: the gift tags are currently on sale. #notsponsored

What are you gifting to teachers, school counselors, or therapists this year?

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