Mindfulness To-Go Kits

I'm super excited to share this Mindfulness To-Go kit with you! Our April PBIS theme is Mindfulness. I thought it would be great for students to have a tangible way to practice mindfulness at home! I made these Mindfulness To-Go kits so students could easily grab them and go! 

The Mindfulness To-Go kit includes:

✨ Bubbles 

✨ Bubble Breathing Exercise

✨ Mindfulness Activities Card

✨ Grounding Activity

✨ Colored pencils

✨ Coloring Pages by The School Counselor is In (@theschoolcounselorisin)

✨ Outdoor Mindfulness Scavenger Hunt by The School Counselor is In (@theschoolcounselorisin)

I gave a few of these kits out to students yesterday and I can't wait to hear if they found them helpful!

My plan is to advertise the Mindfulness To-Go kits to students so they can pick them up and take them home.

Everything you need to recreate this Mindfulness To-Go Kit is located in this folder or by clicking the image below.

Things you will need to assemble the kit include:

I may make a I need to make a Google form where they can request one for pick-up. I plan to use smaller party packs of bubbles for the rear of the bags so they are a little more cost friendly.

What questions do you have about this Mindfulness To-Go Kit?

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