Schedule Your Email: School Counselor Tech Tip

I'm new to the email scheduling scene. I didn't see the appeal at first. Now that I'm in the routine of it, I love the ease of scheduling emails!

Here are some tips to optimize scheduling emails:

Think About Timing
Don't let your email get lost in the clutter. Schedule your emails to arrive when the recipient will most likely see your email. With strategic planning, your email can arrive at the top of your recipient's inbox!

When I schedule emails to send to students, I schedule them to arrive at 8:00 am. Our first class period is 8:00am, so I know they will have their computers open. 

Make it Predictable
If you find yourself sending the same email every week, schedule it to send at a specific time. Your recipient will begin expecting the arrival of your email. 

I send a weekly news & events slideshow to the whole school staff. I scheduled my email to arrive at 7:15 am on Monday morning. Staff will begin to expect this email first thing every Monday.

Work on Your Schedule
Plan out pockets of time to write and schedule emails to be sent. You will cross items off your to-do list while optimizing when your email will be seen.

I schedule multiple emails for the virtual meetings I host. I pick a time to write and schedule them all at once so that I don't have to remember to send them later.

I also started scheduling digital birthday card emails to students a month at a time. I schedule a day and a time to write them then schedule all the birthday emails for that month. I schedule digital birthday cards to arrive at 8:00 am on the student's birthday. Shout-out to @thatschoolcounselorlife for sharing this awesome idea! 

Scheduling emails saves me time and gives me one less thing to remember on my to-do list!

Do you schedule your emails? What do you see as the biggest benefit of scheduling emails?

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