School Counselor Tech Tip: Stickies for Mac

✨ School Counselor Tech Tip: Stickies for Mac ✨

Stickies is a digital sticky note application for your Mac. Stickies have lots of features school counselors can utilize. 

Check out the post below for optimizing stickies on your Mac! 

✨ Digital Notes & Reminders ✨
Use stickies to write notes and reminders. Stickies are restored when the application is restarted.

Stickies are a great, easily accessible way, to write a digital note or reminder. If you need to write a quick note or reminder and don’t have access to the Internet or a pen and paper, stickies are a great option!

✨ Important Information ✨
Use stickies for important information and/or phone numbers. This important information will be accessible even when there is no access to the Internet.

Use stickies to record important information and phone numbers. I store important phone numbers such as Child Protective Services and a local crisis number in stickies. It is helpful to have this important information available with one click.

Images can also be saved in a sticky note. I have a copy of our school bell schedule in a sticky so I can easily access it when I am not in my office. 

✨ Cover Your Screen ✨
Stickies can be used to cover a portion of the screen during video calls or anytime!

When hosting my Rise & Shine group and hosting meetings on Zoom, I like to cover most of my screen with a sticky. I am often sharing multiple documents and moving things around while sharing my screen. Covering my screen with a sticky allows me to cover my desktop so I do not  accidentally share any files or anything else open on my desktop.

Bonus Stickies Tip: stickies allow you to use all the fonts on your computer and formatting features, such as underline, bold, and italics. 

How will you use stickies in your work as a school counselor?

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