Spreading Holiday Cheer at School: Staff Morale Booster

To spread some holiday cheer, our PBIS team is hosting a "Secret Staff Member" for the month of December. 

We made a brief survey on Google Forms for participants to complete.

We asked participants to provide a few of their favorite things, such as favorite candy, drinks, snacks, and interests.

After the deadline to participate, our PBIS team members assigned each participant a "Secret Staff Member."

Participants will give their "Secret Staff Member" a gift each week leading up to Winter break. Participants will spend $15 total to spread cheer to their "Secret Staff Member."

I can't wait to start shopping for my "Secret Staff Member." I will be sharing pictures on Instagram of what I end up buying for my "Secret Staff Member" hope participating will add some fun and cheer leading up to Winter break!

Do you host any gift exchangs or moral boosters leading up to Winter Break?

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