School Counselor Tech Tip: Create QR Codes Using Google Chrome

Did you know you can seamlessly create QR Codes using Google Chrome?! It is so easy and literally takes seconds. 

In the brief video below, I share how to create a QR Code using Google Chrome.

Why Use QR Codes?

QR Codes are scannable with a smart device such as a smartphone, iPad, or other tablet. No need to type in a website URL.

Easily Share Responses

Combine Google Forms with a QR Code and you can easily get responses for your Google Forms. When I have a survey that I want students to take, such as needs assessments or a Minute Meeting form, I create a QR Code so I can easily share it with them. Below are some examples of how I share the QR Codes with students. 

Documents at Their Fingertips

You can convert any URL to a QR Code. If you have a document or other resource you want to share with students, parents, or other stakeholders, you just need the URL. Create a flyer or postcard with the QR code so that stakeholders can access it.
How will you use QR Codes?

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