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3 Great Career Websites for Teens

I recently had the opportunity to volunteer at a grief and loss camp for children. It was a very powerful experience to say the least.  While I was there, I met some amazing people, including an enthusiastic high school junior. I am dedicating this blog post to her and her career question. Q: How can I figure out what I want to do as a career?  A: Good question! I have provided some of my favorite career development websites below. They are all easy to use and are great for teens and counselors too! Occupational Network Online (O*Net Online) O*Net Online has information on worker characteristics, worker requirements, experience requirements, occupational requirements, workforce characteristics, occupation-specific information .  O*Net Online is one of my favorite websites to use with students. O*Net Online allows users to search occupations by Holland Code, industry, job cluster, skill set, and much more.  Students can also do an occupation quick search by just the name of

Fabulous Find Friday: Bag it Forward!

This week's Fabulous Find is Bag it Forward! If you have been to any department stores lately, the secret is out. Summer is over according to the retail world, and BACK TO SCHOOL time is underway. As a counselor, I have worked with many students and families who cannot afford school supplies. As a daughter of a teacher, I have been on countless shopping trips to buy school supplies with my mother for her students.  Teachers (and counselors too!) spend a lot of their own money on school supplies for their students. This week's Fabulous Find, Bag it Forward offers a great opportunity to help students and teachers by supporting Adopt-A-Classroom .  Elmer's is will donate $10 for each blog post donating a "virtual bag of school supplies" and supporting this amazing campaign!  Please forward this to everyone you know, especially bloggers who can post it to their blog! I am donating my "virtual bag of school supplies" to my mom, an amazing fifth g

Fabulous Find Friday: Pool Noodle (Funnoodle®)

This week's Fabulous Find is a Pool Noodle or Funnoodle®. For this week's Fabulous Find, I created a video of how to Create a Stress Reliever Using a Pool Noodle or Funnoodle® . Students will love these fun stress relievers and they are super cheap to make! I was able to make 58 - 1 inch stress relievers using the Funnoodle® for $2. Pool Noodles and Funnoodles® also come in different shapes too, such as flowers.   Watch the my video and create your own stress relievers today ! Do you have a Fabulous Find that you Fancy? If you have a suggestion for a Fabulous Find, comment below or email me  and I will try it out! Your Fabulous Find may be Featured on a Future Friday, Friends! ;) Danielle is a K-12 Certified School Counselor, Nationally Certified Counselor, and blogger at  School Counselor Blog , a place where school counselors share innovative ideas,  creative lesson plans,  and quality resources.  Contact Danielle via  email , follow her on  twitter , and become