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Quick and Easy Welcome Back Bulletin Board

If you are short on time and need a quick and easy "Welcome Back" bulletin board, this one is for you! This bulletin board is an idea mash-up of  Dr. Susan Fuller - Entirely Elementary School Counseling "BE" Bulletin Board  and  this inspiring classroom door  I saw on Pinterest. I created the words for this bulletin board using Google Slides. Google has some awesome fonts, and best of all they are free! If you save a copy of Welcome Back Bulletin Board you can add more words, change the fonts, and edit the "Welcome Back" message to state your school's name or acronym. I printed the words on alternated colors of cardstock . I framed the "Welcome Back" message with a l arger piece of black cardstock . Have you created any Welcome Back Bulletin Boards this school year? I would love to see them! Comment below,  tweet ,  contact Danielle , or share on the  School Counselor Blog Facebook Page ! Danielle is a K-12 Certified