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How to Host a Self-Care Fair for Teachers

For our February Inservice, school counselors in my district were charged with hosting a social-emotional wellness session for teachers in our school buildings. My co-counselor and I decided to do something experiential. We wanted teachers to experience various self-care activities; not just talk about them. We decided to call this event a “Self-Care Fair” since teachers would have the option of trying different activities during the event. Overview of the Self-Care Fair For our Self-Care Fair, we had a two-hour block of time where we hosted six, twenty-minute sessions. We had multiple activities to choose from for each time-slot. Teachers were able to select which activities they wanted to attend. Our goal was for teachers to have a choice about what they participated in for the day. We chose activities that would be within teachers’ comfort zones. We wanted it to bel an enjoyable, self-care opportunity, not something stressful!  Self-Care Activities We hosted the following sessions d