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12 Days of Self-Care & Self-Care Selfies! *Updated for 2023

The days leading up to winter break can be stressful! To help students and staff cope with the stress of the season, the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) team at my school is hosting a daily self-care challenge for the 12 days leading up to winter break. Each day, students and staff can take a selfie featuring them doing the daily self-care prompt. Students and staff who submit a self-care selfie, will be entered in the weekly prize drawing.   The challenge starts on Wednesday, December 6th and continues through Thursday, December 21st.  I am sharing everything you need to host this challenge at your own school! Students and staff will submit their selfies using a Google Form. I made a template of the form I am using so that you can use it too! You can access it here: TEMPLATE FOR SELF-CARE SELFIE FORM   I created a slideshow on Canva to share the daily prompt with students and staff on the closed circuit TVs. I made a version that you can use and edit to meet your nee