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Kindness Sticky Notes

Did you know you can print on sticky notes?! Once I discovered this, I was so excited. There are endless possibilities! One of the first things I made were these "Kindness Sticky Notes" to stick to students lockers during Start With Hello Week (hosted in September).   These "Kindness Sticky Notes" would also be great for  The Great Kindness Challenge - January 25th - 29th this year Random Acts of Kindness Week - February 14th - 20th this year Random Acts of Kindness Day - February 17th this year Start with Hello Week - September Anytime! Print and stick "Kindness Sticky Notes" on lockers, in bathrooms, or anywhere else you want to add some kindness! I created 18 different kindness messages that you can print on sticky notes. To print the sticky notes, you will need the following: A printer Printer paper to print the sticky note template Sticky notes - I prefer Post-it Super Sticky Notes - They hold their stickiness wel

Resources to Support Students in Times of Crisis

Acts of domestic terrorism were perpetrated at the United States Capitol on January 6th, 2021. There is unrest and uncertainty in the aftermath of these events.  In an already tumultuous time - and in the middle of a pandemic - students (and educators) are likely experiencing heightened levels of stress and anxiety.  The pandemic brings unique challenges for being present with and holding space for students. However, finding ways to let students know you are there for them (in-person or virtually) and willing to listen can make a huge impact. Below I compiled a list of resources for supporting students in times of crisis for school counselors to use in their work with students or to share with other educators and/or parents.  I will continue to update this post as I find additional resources. If you are aware of an additional resource, please add it in the comment section or message me on Twitter or Instagram . Resources specific to the insurrection at the Capitol: Helping

Kind Conversations Valentine's Day Themed Bulletin Board Kit

Last year, I wanted to create a fun, Valentine's Day themed bulletin board that would fit in with our school's monthly PBIS theme of Kindness. I used conversation hearts as my inspiration and made them fit with the kindness theme. This bulletin board also works great for Random Acts of Kindness week which is February 14th - 20th this year. I created a printable version of this bulletin board so you can recreate it at your school. The file includes the conversation hearts and the letters for this bulletin board. To make this bulletin board as shown, you will need the following: Bulletin Board Roll paper for the background White paper or card stock Pastel paper or card stock - I use  Astrobrights  when possible Color printer (you can choose to print the everything in black and white instead of the red letters) Scissors Paper cutter (optional - I like to use them for cutting straight lines) Staples and/or a Scotch Glue Dot Roller (I love using  glue dots