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Tips fo Attending the ASCA National Conference in Person

Heading to Las Vegas for the 2021 American School Counselor Association Conference? Andrea Burton (@jyjcounselor) and I created a video with tips to help you make the most of your conference experience! View our YouTube video outlining these tips here:  If you prefer to read the tips, keep scrolling! ✨  PLAN AHEAD ✨ Do some research ahead of your arrival so that you are prepared for your trip.   Check out the following: - Health & safety guidelines - Weather forecast - Hotel location - Conference location  ✨  PACK FOR WORK AND PLAY ✨ When you're packing your bags, think about what you will wear to conference sessions and what you will wear during downtime. If you are attending special events or activities, be sure to pack for them. ✨  CONNECT WITH OTHER SCHOOL COUNSELORS ✨ One of the most amazing aspects of the ASCA Conference is the opportunity to connect with other school counselors! Some ways to connect: - State or local