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Rainbow School Counselor Door Sign (Editable)

Before Spring Break I did a few things to refresh my school counseling office. I created this 🌈 Rainbow School Counselor Door Sign 🌈 I created on Canva to refresh my school counseling office door.  I love how it goes with my Mindfulness Pinwheel Bulletin Board and adds some spring vibes to my office door. I attached the door sign using a page protector. I cut the side with the hole punches and affixed it to the window on my door using a  Scotch Adhesive Dot Roller .  Using a page protector to hang my door sign will allow me to easily swap it out and add other signs. (I also made a "Zoom Meeting in Progress" sign that I'll share soon.) If you want your own version this 🌈 Rainbow School Counselor Door Sign 🌈 I made an editable version for you! Click here or the image below to get your own editable copy. What signs do you have on your door?  Have you ever used a page protector to hold signs on you

Bubble Breathing Exercise Tags

Using bubbles is a great way to teach students about deep breathing and mindfulness. Due to COVID-19 restrictions I can't have students blow bubbles in my office, but I can provide them with something they can take home and practice. I made these Bubble Breathing Exercise Tags to attach to bubble solution.  I included bubbles and the Bubble Breathing exercise as part of my Mindfulness To-Go Kit, but you could also provide them to students as a standalone. I purchased bottles of bubbles at Target. They were $3 for six bottles. you could also use the small party bubbles. You can get a 24 pack at Target for $4. I tied a ribbon around the bubbles and attached the printable. I laminated it so students could use it over and over.  Items you need to recreate this: Bubbles (regular or party size) Ribbon Bubble Breathing Exercise Tag To assemble, cut out the tags. You can print these on cardstock or laminate them so they are more durable. Punch a hole in

Mindfulness To-Go Kits

I'm super excited to share this Mindfulness To-Go kit with you! Our April PBIS theme is Mindfulness. I thought it would be great for students to have a tangible way to practice mindfulness at home! I made these Mindfulness To-Go kits so students could easily grab them and go!  The Mindfulness To-Go kit includes: ✨ Bubbles  ✨ Bubble Breathing Exercise ✨ Mindfulness Activities Card ✨ Grounding Activity ✨ Colored pencils ✨ Coloring Pages by The School Counselor is In (@theschoolcounselorisin) ✨ Outdoor Mindfulness Scavenger Hunt by The School Counselor is In (@theschoolcounselorisin) I gave a few of these kits out to students yesterday and I can't wait to hear if they found them helpful! My plan is to advertise the Mindfulness To-Go kits to students so they can pick them up and take them home. Everything you need to recreate this Mindfulness To-Go Kit is located in this folder or by clicking the image below. Things you will need to assemble the