Friday, April 13, 2012

Career Scavenger Hunt (Free Printable!)

This past Tuesday I took my 5th grade students to our local career and technical school for a tour. I have created a great partnership with two of the school counselors at the career and technical school. They have been amazing and instrumental in helping me set up a tour for 5th grade and providing speakers for Career Cafe sessions (more about that soon)!

My students and I have been looking forward to this trip to the career and technical school for months! In preparation for our trip I was trying to think of ways I could get some bonus career time with my students on the bus. I thought it would be fun for them to try to look for careers out their windows on the bus.

I came up with a a simple Career Scavenger Hunt for students to complete on the way to and from the career an technical school. The kids LOVED it! The teachers loved it too because the students had EXCELLENT bus behavior! It was so rewarding to see them so engaged and excited about looking for careers out their bus windows!

The whole time we were on the bus we were having a dialogue about all the different careers around us. I was even surprised by the number of careers there were. I told students that I would give the student with the most careers listed from each classroom a prize. I still need to count all of them because they listed soooo many!

Career Scavenger Hunt How To: You can download a printable PDF version of the Career Scavenger Hunt by clicking here or by clicking on the pictures!

I used Microsoft Word and divided the page into two columns to create long sheets and so I could save paper. I created tables with A-Z and a line for students to record the careers they saw. I printed the Career Scavenger Hunt on bright green AstroBrights card stock. I used card stock so it would be easier for students to write on during the bus ride, and of course I love things to be bright, fun colors! :)
The Career Scavenger Hunt directions say: "Look out the window. What careers do you see? Find and record as many as you can from A to Z!"

How would you use the Career Scavenger Hunt with your students? Have you ever facilitated activities on a bus?

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  1. Great idea! I'm really curious what careers the students came up with!

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