Pining Over Pinterest!

I have a new favorite way of finding School Counseling ideas...


Some of you may know about Pinterest already... and maybe you are as addicted as I am... but did you know you can use Pinterest as a school counselor to find, organize, and share ideas?!

The best way to describe Pinterest is a virtual cork-board where you can keep track of all of the cool ideas and inspiration you find. Pinterest allows you to organize your inspiration by "pinning" things you like on to boards you create. Pinterest is currently invite only, but it only take a day or two to get an account once you request an invite!

Within Pinterest if you find an idea you like, you can "re-pin" it to one of your boards. If you find inspiration when you are surfing the web outside of Pinterest, you can download a
"pin it button" for your web browser that allows you to "pin" to your Pinterest boards!

There are many things I love about Pinterest.  It is very visual. I love seeing pictures of ideas. Just looking through pictures can be inspirational. Even if the item isn't about School Counseling I am sometimes inspired!

I also love that most "pins" are not just pictures. Many pins will take you to the original website including a description of the idea, a how to, or a post of some kind.

A fellow school counselor and Pinterest addictTabitha, recently wrote a post on her blog, Scrapbook of a School Counselor, about ways she is using Pinterest as a school counselor! More proof that you need to join Pinterest! :)

Tabitha also mentioned a Beginners Guide to Pinterest from Mashable in her post if you are still feeling lost!

I have been working on "pinning" all of my posts from School Counselor Blog onto a School Counselor Blog Board. Here is a screen shot below of what a board looks like.  You can also pick specific boards to follow or just re-pin certain items you find interesting.

By pinning my posts, you not only get to see the picture, but you will be linked back to the original post when you click on it.

Here are some of my favorite School Counselor Blog Ideas I pinned:

Source: via Danielle on Pinterest
Source: via Danielle on Pinterest
Source: via Danielle on Pinterest
Source: via Danielle on Pinterest
Source: via Danielle on Pinterest

Here are some School Counseling Ideas I pinned recently:

I love the idea of doing something like this for "No Name Calling Week."

This mural is just awesome! I would love to do something like this at my school.
I especially love that it is hands!

Source: via Danielle on Pinterest

I am thinking of using this somehow for National School Counseling Week. I am not sure what I want to do yet, but the official theme is "School Counselors: Helping Students Be Brilliant." This year is ASCA's Diamond Anniversary, so I was thinking of using a play on words with "rock" meaning diamond... still thinking about it though :)

I am loving using Pinterest to keep track of ideas both personally and professionally!

For more ideas and inspiration follow my Pinterest boards!

Are you on Pinterest? How are you using Pinterest as a School Counselor? What cool ideas have you found? 

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