Pictures of my 2010-2011 School Counseling Office

I recently created a Prezi to give you a tour of my 2010-2011 School Counseling Office Space

I have gotten a few requests to see the pictures in an album form, so I created a Picasa album where you can view the pictures.  

I also posted the pictures below.

Please feel free to comment below if you have questions or would like more information about something!

Many of the books, resources and products in my office are available in the School Counselor Blog Amazon Store

Outside of my door
I made this sign to let students and teachers know where I am. 
Check out my post about how to make your own!

Bulletin board when you walk in my door
This is where I keep all of my career information and resources for students.

My desk

Behind my desk
This is where I keep my most used resources and lessons.

Window side of my room
I try to utilize every inch of space including windows, curtains, and heaters! ;)

A tie-in I created for a respect lesson in my self esteem group.
I love to write on the windows using window makers... kids love it too! :)

Books, puppets, games, and toys!

Individual counseling area
My individual counseling area. Lots of books, resources, games, and activities for students to use. 
They especially love my sand tray!

Another view of the individual counseling area of my room.

I received these books through a Donors Choose donation:

Another view of the individual counseling area

The back of my room
I love my "Kid-Drawn" emotions on the back of the wall.

The middle and other side of my room
I pushed two U tables together to create one big table for groups. 


Art Supplies
Check out my Amazon Store to purchase these and other great art supplies.

View from the door of the back of my room. 

For a more detailed view of the pictures with links and information, view the School Counselor Blog Prezi Tour.

Let me know if you have questions about something. Also, feel free to share your favorite resources! 

Also check out the School Counselor Blog Amazon Store for products, resources, toys, games, and books in my room!

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  1. Wow! What a great space! Are you in a public or private school?

  2. Joy,

    I work in a inner city public school. I am very fortunate to have a space this size and it gets TONS of use! ;)


  3. This space is HUGE! Amazing to have a room like this - good for you!

  4. In one of my past offices I had the "Kid drawn emotions" on an empty wall and kept a basket of Splash Bomb foam balls from the dollar store nearby. I would let the kids throw the balls at the emotions for different activities. Emotion identification in group, selectively mute students, anger release, etc. They LOVED it!

  5. Thank you so much for posting; what a great inside scoop. I loved the real up-close view of all of the resources you use daily. Love visiting your blog, you're Amazing with a capital A.

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