Car Tunes: What I listened to and HOW on a recent trip

Yesterday was my first opportunity to try a new car tech gadget!

My school counselor colleague, Natasha, recently introduced me to a tech item for my car of which I was not aware! Gasp! She gave me a demo of her Motorola wireless bluetooth FM-transmitter/Speakerphone that plays through your car speakers.

How I listened
I purchased this Motorola T505 Portable In-Car Speakerphone in time for a trip I took yesterday. It rocks! My only regret is that I wish I would have purchased it as soon as she showed me hers...

The Motorola T505 Portable In-Car Speakerphone is awesome! The device allows you to play music and podcasts on your bluetooth enabled smartphone through your car's radio. The device is a speakerphone so you can make and receive calls through your speakers. The device pauses your music and resumes when the call ends!

What I listened to

I was so excited to be able to listen to American School Counselor Association ASCAway podcasts in my car!

I listened to the following ASCAway podcasts yesterday:

ASCAway: 2012 School Counselor of the Year - Interview with Nicole Pfleger, 2012 ASCA School Counselor of the year!  She talks about the Rachel's Challenge program, an anti-violence program founded by the family of Columbine victim Rachel Scott. The program focuses on kindness and compassion. I am very interested in it and requested information to see how much money it would be to have an assembly at my school.  Nicole Pfleger also talks about another program she runs with at-risk boys called the D.R.E.A.M. Team.  It was a great podcast!

ASCAway: Combatting Cyberbullying - Interview with Dr. Russ Sabella on Education Talk Radio.  Dr. Sabella was great and informative as usual. He gave lots of great information about cyberbullying and referenced information his website Guarding Kids.

ASCAway: Elementary School Bully Prevention - Interview with Brent Burnham, 2011 School Counselor of the Year finalist. He spoke about a program he started at his school to combat bullying.

If you haven't had the opportunity to listen to any ASCAway podcasts, I highly recommend them! They are a great resource! I always learn so much when I listen to them!

I'm a big NPR fan, so I also listened to a few episodes of This American Life. I included a This American Life about Middle School in a post awhile back.

I usually listen to NPR on my way to and from work. My work commute isn't that bad... it is about 20 minutes each way. In the morning NPR keeps me informed about local, national, and world-wide events. On the way home I usually catch some interviews or reviews of new documentaries, movies, music artists, etc.

Radio stations tend to fade out fast when I travel. Up until this point I haven't found a convient way to listen to podcasts and songs while driving. My parents live two hours away and my in-laws live five hours away, so when I am in the car I am in the car for a considerable amount of time. I am so glad that Natasha introduced me to Motorola T505 Portable In-Car Speakerphone. I wanted to share this with you in case you have been looking for a similar device.  I know this new device will be getting a lot of use in my car! I have already found myself looking for more music and podcasts to listen to! I am excited to use it to stream Pandora, which is internet radio that customizes a station based on songs or artists you like.  Sara Bareillas Radio and Adele Radio are two of my current favorites.

What podcasts or music do you listen to in your car? What are some of your favorite school counselor or education related podcasts?

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