"Work" the Runway

Our district is hosting a career week in May.  I am so excited to participate!

At my previous job, one of my colleagues and I were planning on having a career fashion show to make learning the PA Career and Work Standards more meaningful for students. The purpose of the event was to teach 8th graders appropriate dress for interviews and work. I told one of my current co-workers about the idea and she thought it was great.  She suggested that we model the event after the Black Entertainment Television (BET) show Rip the Runway.

We presented the idea to the career committee for our district and they loved it. We are going to do the event district wide. All of the students in 8th grade will be able to participate. Not only will students be showcasing proper work attire, but the event will showcase student talent. We will have have student performances of singing, dancing, step, and drill. I think it would be really cool to have a section of students to dress up like their dream career. My boss, the assistant superintendent, will be the emcee! I am excited that this idea took off. There is a lot of planning to do for May!

So that all students have something to wear for the event, I am hosting a career clothing drive at my school. I am collecting business-appropriate attire for donation.  I am hoping to collect enough attire that all 8th graders will have a professional outfit to wear to an interview. I will be accepting men’s and women’s suits, ties, blouses, dress shoes, skirts, shirts, pants, nylons and belts.  The clothing drive is a great way to support students while doing some spring cleaning! ;)

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