Fabulous Find Friday: Bubbles

There are so many great resources and items that I use as a school counselor. I wanted to create a way to share the items that get the most use in my office. I have decided to call this way of sharing great items "Fabulous Find Friday!"

Each week I will be selecting an item for Fabulous Find Friday. If you have a suggestion for a Fabulous Find, email me and I will try it out! Your Fabulous Find may be Featured on a Future Friday! ;)

Today is the first Fabulous Find Friday!

Since the weather is getting warmer and summer is just around the corner, I chose bubble solution as the first Fabulous Find! It may sound simplistic, but bubbles are a great resource! Bubbles do not have to be used only in the spring or only outdoors! Bubbles can be used indoors – any time of the year – in your classroom guidance lessons, group sessions, and individual sessions!

I have worked in many different settings and found that students of all ages enjoy blowing bubbles.  Younger students think it is funny or even risqué to blow bubbles in school. Older students may find that blowing bubbles brings them back to a simpler time in their lives. I have bubbles available as one of the many things students explore in my office.

One of the main things I use bubbles for is to teach students techniques to calm down using deep breathing. I instruct students to hold the bubble wand in front of their lips and blow really hard. I ask the students to share with the class, group, or me, what they observed. When blowing hard, there is usually a really tiny bubble that pops very fast or a bubble does not form, bubble solution just sprays everywhere. 

I then instruct the student to take a deep breath and blow out slowly and steadily into the bubble wand.  A big bubble forms or many little bubbles flow out of the wand.  I ask the student or students to describe to me what was different about blowing into the wand after taking the deep breath.  Students are able to notice that more bubbles came out or that the bubble got bigger.

I explain that whenever we are breathing fast it makes our whole body frustrated and difficult to do things.  When we are breathing deep and relaxed, our whole body begins to feel relaxed and calm.

You can find super cheap bubbles. Right now you can get bubbles in pretty much any store you go in because they are in season. I purchase bubbles in small containers and then purchase a jug of bubbles to refill them.

How do you use bubbles in classroom guidance, groups, or individual counseling? Comment below, email metweet, or share on the School Counselor Blog Facebook Page!

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