Smaller Space... Bigger Potential

Remember my before pictures of my 2011-2012 office space? I was just about ready to share after pictures with you, but then I decided to change my office location!

After much thought and consideration, I determined that it would be better if I moved to the "Student Services Suite," where the K-4 school counselor and the school social worker are located. As much as I loved my big space on the third floor, I saw this as a huge opportunity to re-vamp the common space in the "Student Services Suite" (pictures of that to come!)

It was definitely frustrating to have my space all set up and then have to move everything to a different office, but I really think it has great potential to be better. The space is much smaller than my other space, but once the common space is up and running we should be able to share the common space for groups. I will be moving a U-table to my office so that I can meet with groups in my office too.

So here is my progress so far. It is by no means finished... but I wanted to share my progress with you! ;)

Before picture of my NEW office!

Entrance to my NEW office! (You can kinda see a peek of the common area)
I hung up my "Where's Mrs. Schultz?" spinner on my door.

My desk. I even got a new computer this year! Woooo hooo! I am so excited because my old computer was SOOOOOOOOOO slow! I have lots of storage underneath my desk!!! I still need a file cabinet... but it's getting there!

Lots of my stuff on display! ;) I brought in two storage containers on wheels to store all of my art supplies, toys, and games. I have one stored under my desk and the other is behind the green chair. I love that I still have space to display books on my window sill!

I put my "How Can I 'Chill Out' When I'm Feeling Upset?" display on my curtain.
My bully hat is also on display! ;)

This is the area that still needs lots of work...
I need the file cabinet moved out and another one moved in. I haven't been able to work on this part because the file cabinet is in the way.

What do you think of my new (smaller) space?! I look forward to hearing your feedback! Comment below, tweet, or contact Danielle, share on the School Counselor Blog Facebook Page!

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