College Pennant Display

I am so excited to share this college pennant display with you!

I am collecting pennants from colleges and universities. I decided to start with my alma maters, Pennsylvania State University (where I earned my B.A.) and Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania (where I earned my M.Ed.). All I did was called them and told them I wanted to display the pennants in my school to expose students to colleges and they sent them to me for free!

One day when I was at the high school I noticed they had pennants hanging in various places. Then I got an idea... I asked the high school counselor if he would send me any pennants in which he had a double. He told me that he gets so many that he sometimes throws them away! He was excited to have someone to give them to who would put them to good use.

So I am up to 10 pennants now! I am so thankful for the high school counselor for helping me out and helping me to expose students to colleges!

Over the summer I made a banner on VistaPrint that says "All Students College and Career Ready." It was a perfect edition to the display! The banner was free and I only had to pay for shipping!
The other school counselor and I plan to cover the walls in the student services suite area with pennants.  We are also hosting a college door decorating contest to accompany our career themed Red Ribbon Week activities next week!

How do you use college pennants in your school? What are your creative ideas for exposing students to colleges? Comment below, tweetcontact Danielle, or share on the School Counselor Blog Facebook Page!

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  1. I agree with Marty...Go Bobcats! I've been following your blog for awhile thanks to the list-serv at the University of Cincinnati where I'm working on my M.Ed in School Counseling but this is the first time I've commented. I got excited seeing the Ohio University pennant because that's where I did my undergraduate degree and there's no place like OU in my heart. <3

    Thank you for your amazing blog and all the insight it gives me, especially this year as I'm in my internship and headed towards graduation. :-)

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  3. I'm on the College Readiness Committee at my son's high school, and we're collecting college pennants, too, in our case pennants of the colleges our wonderful teachers graduated from - what office or official at a college do you think I'd contact?

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