A Fun and Functional Gift Idea for a Future School Counselor! - "You will have a BALL as a school counselor!"

Yesterday I was trying to think up a fun and functional end of semester gift for the internship supervision group that I co-facilitate. I was racking my brain and could not think of anything... that's when I turned to Pinterest for some pin-speration!

I looked around and then I saw IT!


I got the idea from this pin from Uncommon Designs Online. She used beach balls as a favors for an end of the school year party.

I loved the look of the folded beach ball and thought this would be an super easy and affortable gift for a future school counselor. Not only does this beach ball and message make a super cute gift, but my absolute favorite part is that they can use the beachball to make their own question ball! For other suggestions of how to use a beach ball in your work as a school counselor, check out my post,  3 Ways to Have a Ball with a Beach Ball All Year Round.

Below you will find step by step instructions of how to make your own "You will have a BALL as a school counselor!" intern or supervisee gift!

I created a printable version of the gift tag for you to download! (It prints four to a sheet.)
First gather your supplies! You will need a beach ball, ribbon or string, and the gift tag.

You could use any size beach ball. I was in a hurry and they only had large ones at Target. They were only 99 cents each! I saw smaller ones in the dollar spot last year, but they must not be available yet! 

Next, open up your beach ball. 
Flatten out each color. 
This is definitely the most tricky part.. it takes some pulling and patience... ;)

Once you have all three colors smoothed out, layer them on top of each other. 

Then flip it over!

Fold over about half of one of the colors.

Fold the mouthpiece side to the center.

Fold the other side to the center.

Grab your ribbon or string and tie it around the beach ball. 

Make sure the knot is in the front.

Then punch a hole in your gift tag and tie it to the beach ball.

Curl the ribbon or tie it in a bow.


You now have cute, affordable, fun, and functional gift for a future school counselor in your life!

I can't wait to give these to our internship group! Hopefully they will have a ball with them! ;)

Have you made any fun and functional gifts for a future school counselor? "

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