April #SCCHAT Transcript: Evidenced Based School Counseling Conference (EBSC) Re-Cap

The topic of the April #SCCHAT was Evidenced Based School Counseling (EBSC) Conference Re-Cap.  The chat was moderated by:

- Dr. Erin Mason, Counselor Educator extraordinaire and founder of SCOPE, a website dedicated to providing school counselors with quality information about using technology in their practice

- Dylan Hackbarth, high school counselor in Northern Virginia

- Chelsea Rose, high school counselor in Cincinnati, Ohio

- Franciene Sabens, high school counselor in Souther Illinois

- Jeannie Maddox, elementary school counselor in Florida

School counselors shared highlights of the EBSC Conference and benefits of attending.

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Dr. Erin Mason is a former Middle School Counselor, now Counselor Educator who manages SCOPE, a website dedicated to providing school counselors with quality information about using technology in their practice. Connect with Erin via email, follow her on Twitter, add her on LinkedIn or Google+, and become a fan of the SCOPE Facebook Page.

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