Happy New Year Bulletin Board

It's almost time to break out the New Year's party supplies, say farewell to 2020, and make a bulletin board for the New Year! ­čą│

One thing I love about being an educator is that we have two New Years - January 1st and the first day of the new school year. Two opportunities to celebrate new beginnings and a fresh start.

The first day of school always feels like a celebration to me. I have had the idea for a long time to somehow use a "New Year's party" theme for the start of the new school year. 

For the 2019-2020 school year, I created a bulletin board out of discounted New Year's Eve Party supplies from Target. I saved them from the beginning of January 2019 until the beginning of the new school year. I was so excited to put this bulletin board together. 

To make this bulletin board, I used a black piece of roll paper, chalk, and the New Year's Eve supplies. I stapled the party hats and the banner onto the board. I used roll glue tape to affix the party blowers. 

This bulletin board only took a few minutes to throw together. It was a fun way to celebrate the new school year.

If school was currently in person and I wasn't on maternity leave, I would also make a 2021 New Year's bulletin board for the first day the students were back to school from winter break. 

For January 2020 I was planning to use the new supplies to make a bulletin board for when students came back in January. However, when I went back to purchase them they were sold out.

I improvised and just used the black roll paper and chalk. 

Target currently has 2021 NYE party supplies for sale. I didn't want to chance them being sold out so I purchased them already. I was able to get a 15% discount through Target circle for Spritz party supplies.

I purchased some party hats, the 2021 banner, and party blowers to use on my bulletin board for the 21-22 school year. I like that the hats don't say the year on them. I will probably use them for multiple years because of that. I will plan to buy an extra banner or just the number two when it's discounted.

I also saw that Aldi is selling boxes of New Year's Eve party supplies that would work for a bulletin board.

Have you ever created a New Year's bulletin board? How do you celebrate the start of the new school year?

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