Mindulness Activity Cards

Our March and April PBIS theme is Mindfulness. I wanted to do something for remote students connected to our monthly theme. I created Mindfulness Activity cards with a few activities students could complete at home. I made a variety of choices so that hopefully they would be willing to try one.

We assembled a packet with the Mindfulness Activity cards, an Outdoor Mindulness Scavenger Hunt, and a Mindfulness Coloring Page to send home to students who will be remote the last semester of the school year. For a personal touch we included a handwritten note on a postcard that says "We miss you! Have a great Trimester 3! From the PBIS Team."

I made the Mindfulness Activities cards using the items from my Pinwheel Mindfulness Bulletin Board. I thought this would be a great way to share our March & April theme - Mindfulness - with remote students. 

You can access the Mindfulness Activity Card here

The Mindfulness Scavenger Hunt and Mindfulness Coloring Pages are from Jodi at The School Counselor Is In (@theschoolcounselorisin).

How are you connecting with remote students? I'm always trying to think of new ideas!­čĺí✨

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