School Counselor Tech Tip: Google Keep

✨ School Counselor Tech Tip: Google Keep ✨

Google Keep is a web-based platform and app that allows you to organize all of your thoughts, ideas, and to-do's.

Check out the post below for optimizing Google Keep as a School Counselor!

✨ Digitize Sticky Notes ✨

Google Keep allows you to digitize anything that you would typically write on a sticky note. Google Keep notes are searchable, sortable, shareable.

I have so many ideas recorded digitally as notes in Google Keep. I love that I can put them in Google Keep anytime I come up with a new idea. I love that I can easily search my notes to find what I saved.

✨ Maximize Organization ✨

Organize your thoughts and ideas into notes. Include images, drawings, voice to text, and video. Categorize notes by color coding, tagging, and pining.

I probably use the voice to text the most when using Google Keep. Sometimes I randomly have an idea that I want to save. Google keep allows me to voice record my idea and then edit it later. 

I also use the pin function to pin the ideas I want to see first.

The color coding function could be used to categorize your notes into academic, social-emotional, and career! You can also make specific colors for a personal, work, or clubs and organizations.

✨ Collaborate with Others ✨

Share your Google Keep Notes so you can collaborate, in real time, with others. You can also save your Google Keep Notes to a Google Doc for even more collaboration.

If you have ideas that you need to share with others, you can share your notes! 

If you want to add even more to your notes, they can be saved as Google Doc for even more functionality.

Access Google Keep at: or download the Google Keep app in your app store.

How will you use Google Keep in your work as a school counselor?

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