School Counselor Tech Tip: Create QR Codes

Did you know you can create your own QR codes? QR Code stands for Quick Response Code. QR codes are scannable barcode-like images. When scanned with a smart device camera (phone, iPad, Chromebook, Fire, etc.) the user can access a link or URL.

You can use websites like QR code generator to create your own QR codes. Copy and paste the link into the generator to download a QR code image. 

Check out the post below for tips to create and use QR codes!

✨ Goodbye Complicated URLs ✨

Stakeholders can easily access a URL by scanning a QR Code with their smart device. They get access to the site without typing a complicated URL.

Even shortened URLs  can sometimes be clunky to copy or type. School website addresses can be also be cumbersome. A scannable QR code can direct your stakeholders to the exact URL.

✨ Easily Share Responses ✨

Create QR codes to make Google Forms scannable. The user can scan the QR code with their smart device camera and will be directed to your Google form.

Encourage students, especially if they have one-to-one devices, to access your Google Forms. Some examples of forms you can make scannable include:

✳️ Sign-ups for programs and events (I do this for all the virtual events I offer)

✳️ Pre-tests & Post-Tests

✳️ Minute Meetings (shout out to @jyjcounselor for digital Minute Meetings)

✳️ Answer to trivia or a quiz

✳️ Digital scavenger hunt

✨ Documents at Their Fingertips ✨

Use the shareble links of files on Google Drive to create a QR Code.  Make files like PDFs, documents, and videos easily accessible by scanning a QR code.
If you don't already have your important files in the cloud, Get Your *Stuff* In the Cloud (GYSITC)! Upload files to Google Drive and use the shareable link to make your QR Code. 

I used QR Codes for students to access mindfulness activities on this Mindfulness Bulletin Board and on this card in my Mindfulness To-Go Kit.

Think about things you want stakeholders to access, such as brochures, programs, PDF files, videos, etc. 

A bonus about QR codes is that it eliminates the need for paper handouts and they make accessing documents touch-less! 

How will you use QR Codes in your work as a school counselor?

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