POP in to See the School Counselor Bulletin Board🍿✨

Happy 2021-22 School Year! If you are looking for a fun and informative bulletin board idea, you are in luck! 

At the end of the school year last year, @schoolcounselingspot posted a picture of a bulletin board that said "Pop in to See Your School Counselor" with a popcorn theme. I fell in love with it! I have been thinking about how to recreate it ever since! 

I decided to use a popcorn and movie theme and create this🍿"POP in to See the School Counselors!" 🎬 display in front of the school counseling office. This display is a great way to promote the school counseling program and advertise to students reasons they could pop in to see the school counselors.

Here is a closer look at the display. Each popcorn has a different reason students might see a school counselor:
🍿 Grief & loss
🍿 Studying
🍿 Friends
🍿 Organization
🍿 Stress
🍿 Worry
🍿 Grades
🍿 Future planning

I created the marquee sign using red roll paper, white roll paper, yellow cardstock, and printed letters.

I laminated the sign so everything stayed together and so that I could use it again. I hung it up with packing tape. I strategically hung a popcorn to cover the g-word. 🙃

I carried the Popcorn/Movie theme into my setup for Meet the Teacher Night! 🎒📒✏️ I will share more about that in a future post.

I created a PDF file of all the images and letters I used to create this "POP in to See the School Counselors" display. You can access the file by clicking here or on the image above.

For my display I printed the popcorn full size and the letters and words two to a page. If you want to make yours larger scale you can print everything actual size.

Do you do a themed bulletin board for the year?

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