We Can Break Down Walls!

I did a lesson about breaking down the walls of tolerance with a third grade English-immersion class.

I read Papalotzin and the Monarchs:A Bilingual Border Tale by Rigoberto González to the students.

The story is about the Great North building a wall to keep everyone on the Great South out. Both the Great North and the Great South suffer. Papalotzin convinces everyone to help break down the wall so everyone can move freely again.

After reading Papalotzin and the Monarchs, I asked students what walls existed in their classroom. Students talked about how sometimes they get treated differently because of the color of their skin. Students commented that sometimes people don't want to let you into their group because you aren't cool enough. I asked for suggestions about how we could break down walls in their classroom. The students suggested: being kind to each other, sharing, letting others join the group, asking people to play with us at recess.

As a follow up activity, I asked to students to color their own unique butterfly so that we could add color to the wall outside of their classroom. The butterflies serve as a reminder to students that they have the power to break down walls of intolerance.

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