When We Work Together the Picture is Complete!

These pictures are from a classroom guidance lesson I did on cooperation with all of the first grade classes. First, I had the students help me draw a picture using only one color. Then, I asked them what we could do to make the picture better. Eventually, students stated that we needed to have more color. We talked about how boring the world would be if it was only one color.

We read The Crayon Box that Talked by Shane DeRolf. The book explains that everyone needs to work together in order to create a beautiful picture. We talked about "okay" and "not okay" behaviors that the crayons were doing. In order for the picture to be complete in the The Crayon Box that Talked, the crayons had to work together and use all of their colors.

I divided the students into groups of four and asked them to draw a picture as a group. I gave them all a large sheet of paper, markers, and crayons to use. They had to make decisions about which side was the top of the picture, what they would draw, and who would draw what.

Afterward, we discussed what they liked or didn't like about the activity. The students spoke about how it was hard to work together. They had to communicate with each other through asking questions, sharing, and being kind to each other. The students enjoyed the activity. It was neat to see what students could create as a group.

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